The new social marketing trend, Twitter, has become one of the most powerful interactive websites on the Internet. Although it hasn’t been around for a long time, Twitter users have exceeded 700 million, and this number is growing tight every day. For those who don’t know, Twitter is a Weibo platform that allows you to interact with people who share your interests, so-called “followers.”

The magic of Twitter is that it makes it possible for you to “tweet” your thoughts on the Internet, but you have to do it with 140 characters, which is a good exercise for your brain. You need to concentrate, use a few sentences to concentrate your thoughts, and be able to send your message.

What makes me love Twitter?

I am a good observer. If someone pays me to do statistics, I will be rich. I can find good reasons to love Twitter every day. Everyone who takes the initiative to bury me can be sure that I will follow the burying channel back. I read every direct message I read tightly, even though many of them are bad ads. True, Twitter is a good advertising platform for affiliate marketers, but most of them don’t know how they should use Twitter.

There are very few entrepreneurs who open multiple accounts, especially in the name of a girl, and promote the same sad way. Using their Twitter method to get rich at night actually means reselling the same method. Very few entrepreneurs invite you to work in your house wearing underwear, and you will be happy and rich for the rest of your life. Few female entrepreneurs invite you to work in their house companies wearing underwear. Every time you do it, you will be happy and not rich.

In fact, everyone is selling things in one way or another. Their ultimate goal is the happiness of customers, so I can’t blame them. I always thought that I was too small to change the big world. All points are good. As far as I can see, Twitter keeps clearing its backyard. The purpose and purity of the platform have not changed, and my love for Twitter has not changed.

What makes me love Twitter?

Actually, it is the only place in the world where you can find many Internet marketing mentors, consultants and coaches in square meters. The score between mentors and novices is about 99 to 1. It doesn’t matter, 90% of these consultants only promote two methods to get rich immediately, selling Twitter’s ???Get rich fetters system, each method is different, but with the same formula, you buy the system, you must use it as Products for sale. It doesn’t matter, 90% of the tutors don’t have their own website, and there is rarely a free hosted version. It doesn’t matter that 90% of the coaches publish footage on Squidoo. Squidoo is a hub of HubPages, some of ezine’s articles. All of them are marketing mentors, and they cross their hearts. I seem to be talking about them. If he talks big, I will talk big, don’t you.

What makes me love Twitter?

In fact, the person I saw has 40,000 followers, which doesn’t surprise me. If someone is a certain celebrity, I think it is normal to have many followers, but I see The people who arrived follow 40,000 tweeple, which makes me doubt their credibility. I have always been fond of mathematics and doing total settlement. If I read 40,000 tweets a day, it would not be enough to tell me 24 hours a day. Think of me as a fast reader. Of course, considering that everyone posts a tweet once a day, but tweeple is quite prolific. I always like to be honest with myself and the people around me. If I can’t do something, I won’t do it, I admit.

As much as possible, I love Twitter. While reading the Bible, I know the old children of Sodom and Gomora. When God says: If I look at a good person, I will forgive the shackles of the city. Well, I found one on Twitter, but thousands of good people, and many of them, my family is a friend on Facebook, and I got one of them from the adventure on Twitter. Good friends. I love Twitter and I will always do it.

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