My top 7 basic Twitter tools.

My top 7 basic Twitter tools.

The Weibo platform, Twitter, and how the storm impacted the online marketing world. Although Twitter is very easy to use, the number of tools, plug-ins and applications developed is too large to support it. How to determine which is best for you to use Twitter? I tried to sort, although all the rubbish, and came up with my 7 basic Twitter tools:

Unless you have been hiding from the rocks, you may have heard something about the new microblogging platform Twitter, and Twitter is a bit of a big ups and downs in the Internet marketing world. This phenomenon even gave birth to a new language, new you, new Twitter (followers), Twitter (posting) you, and discussing the state of the Twitter universe (the ideas you get here).

Although Twitter is very easy to use, the number of tools, plug-ins and applications developed is too large to support it. I came across a blog that listed more than 100. How to determine which is best for you to use Twitter?

I tried to sort, though all the rubbish, and came up with my 7 basic Twitter tools:

1. Twitter Fox. It is actually a Firefox browser plug-in that allows you to follow your tweets and any direct (private) messages in your way. Tweetdeck and Twhirl also help you take care of your tweets and tweeps, and are well received by users, but I prefer the simplicity of Twitterfox. All I can do is to check the Twitter logo in the bottom right corner of any browser window to check my tweets and reply to whatever I want.

2. Tweet Rattle. The feature allows diehard Twitter users to stock up tweets that can be scheduled to be posted within a period of time. However, the reason why I like it is that I can forward the email and follow me to my TweetLater email address, and I will automatically receive a direct message from me. I just like it when I can automate my marketing tasks!

3. Twitter feed. This service will enable you to feed your blog posts to your Twitter account. You can control how often Twitter displays your blog posts, as well as the text used to post as the blog source. I use “blog update” as the preface of my post.

4. Twitter search. This website provides a quick way to search for specific topics or keywords posted by people in the twitterverse.

5. Tweet bee. The equivalent of a Google Twitter alert, it allows you to track mentions of your name, product, company, or anything else you want to track.

6. Twitter out loud. LoudTwitter is a bridge that publishes daily tweets to blogs. Your blog is an archive of your tweets and other posts. These posts will provide more context. After all, if you have a blog and the same Twitter, your blog may be the core place you want to be discovered and hanged on.

7. Although not technically a Twitter tool, I quickly got tired of manually updating my status settings on all my social networking sites. So, I started using When you update your status on, the service will automatically update the status of all your social networking sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Pownce), such as the following websites (you can update 21). Depending on the number of networks you use, you will need 10-50 minutes to connect your account to your various social network accounts. However, once everything is set up, you only need to log in to your Ping account, post an update (no more than 140 characters), and your status will be automatically upgraded to all your social network profiles. I use this tool to post tweets, but use Twitterfox to post my @replies to my followers.


Although Twitter was originally a fashion, it has not disappeared. Use these tools to maximize the use of Twitter to enhance your social network!

The importance of brand analysis.

The importance of brand analysis.

Do you know whether Twitter promotion is effective? Checking and breaking your Twitter career can be tested, which is called analytical Twitter. With correct measurement, you can enhance and customize your Twitter battles to achieve better results.

Fortunately, the external Twitter instrument provides some measurements, but there are many tools to check it out. This is called Twitter sentiment analysis. Therefore, it provides some Twitter analysis tools to help you enhance Twitter’s display capabilities.
1. Social Brothers: Explore your community. It is considered to be one of the three best advertising tools for the organization.
2. SocialBro accompanies the superb exams, provides information about your promotion battles, your Twitter records and the extraordinary experience of supporters.

The following are survey equipment that can be accessed using SocialBro.

Constant analysis.

Brand analysis or Twitter analysis provides you with subtle elements of the general population, which are dynamic customers who have continuously posted tweets in the last 10 minutes. It can help you decide the specific time of the day when you are personal. It’s a brisk way, know when you should tweet. Relying on the research done by others is more important because it is customized for you and your Twitter group.

Some knowledge about accounts.

In addition to Twitter sentiment analysis, you are ready to understand your own Twitter account.
You can see:

The number of followers you have.
There is no tracking the number of believers you return to.
There is no number of individuals after returning.
Your followers post Weibo in a dialect.
The time zone of your fans.
Your fans are from Bian Du.
The number of followers your supporters have.
How long are your fans online.
The number of tweets sent by your supporters.
You can use this additional information to enhance your Twitter presence. You will have a better understanding of your followers, which means you can customize your Twitter content to be more suitable for your team.
For the situation, if you find that most of your supporters are from the Asia-Pacific region, you should outline your battles to show them according to their time zone.
Tweet: Determine how far your tweet travels.
TweetRach helps you decide the span of your tweet. You only need to embed the URL of your website or any post to get the data related to the post.
Buffer: Arrange your content. This is not just the ideal way to plan your tweets without putting too much effort into the buffer zone, but it is also accompanied by a basic, clear checking device to help you determine how feasible your tweets are.
The number of snapshots you have obtained.
How many people retweeted your tweets.
How many people like your tweets most.
The individuals who retweeted and liked your tweets the most, their usernames and the number of followers they have.
Let you discover how compelling your tweet is, and it is the best time you should post on Weibo. In addition, you can quickly thank the devotees in the buffer zone.

How to index your Twitter followers and generate cash and tweets.

How to index your Twitter followers and generate cash and tweets.

Using Twitter’s API application, many new applications may be built from the back of Twitter (because there is no Twitter username that is essentially a keyword built on the Twitter platform for the application-and Twitter username The squat is tight. The question is, how does the new business make a profit, and how does Twitter itself make a profit.

How to Make Money On Twitter

Using Twitter’s API application, many new applications may be built from the back of Twitter (because there is no Twitter username that is essentially a keyword built on the Twitter platform for the application-and Twitter username The point is tight. The question is how these new businesses make money—and how Twitter itself makes money: The power of any advertising-supported website, publication, TV show, etc., is the community (readers, viewers, listeners, etc.). Build excellent services , Let people use it (or read, listen, view), and then you can send specific advertisements to these users. Example 1: Provide Twitter usernames for Ny Knicks, the basketball team of the NBA. People add The user as their friend-“Knicks” username to post any Knicks news… Once it happens! Ditto about sports scores-if the Knicks game goes on, it will send the scores in the game to keep you alert, If you want. If you can get 10,0 Knicks fans on your list-so you can:

1) Place an advertisement in any blank at the end of the 140-character message, that is, “Drink Bingbing, Refreshing Pepsi”.

2) Send an advertisement every 10 or 50 days (regardless of how you learn to cooperate with users) Twitter. Therefore, you may receive 10 Twitter news bulletins, and the 11th is Grey Goose Vodka advertisement.

3) Pay by Twitter for news-If there is a username named Zhan NYCtech Jobsó, anyone looking for a technical job in New York may be a friend of this list and immediately receive notification of any new New York technical job. Where does the job come from? Initially it may only be from Craig’s list, monsters, hot jobs, etc… But then you have 2,0 users and are friends of “NyctechJobs”, which means you have 2 ,0 potential technical employees in the New York City area. The company hopes to divide its latest technical work into potential customers, and you can hire a recruiter-therefore, it goes to the webpage you set up, and it can create a maximum of 140 characters. The message (may include a URL pointing to full job details), and some detailed information about the job. You can charge your employer for posting fees.

About Twitter Cards

Ditto and lists (cheating, username) such as “NYC Furniture”. People can pay to broadcast their messages to all friends of “NYC Furniture”.

4) Access to your Twitter messages is charged-your username can be private, and only your friends can receive/view your Twitter. Therefore, if you have valuable/timely information-you can have a subscription-based service where you charge people in $X to make people your friends, and then they can access your Twitter. Therefore, a celebrity might charge for this – or a newspaper might do it to let you access the news first – or some bloggers might find that online shopping transactions might be sent to you… Basically, if the user wants to “know “For any product, he will pay a $X visit (weekly or monthly). Note: You must verify their subscription-if they don’t pay this month, you will delete them as a friend from your Twitter account.

5) User purchase commission-Set up a service that allows users to purchase products through this. The user needs to set up an account to store with your credit card (or PayPal information, or deposit to this recommended payment service). I think a user can browse wired magazines, and can quickly purchase a subscription for $10, by ripping their mobile phone, Twitter’s code, such as “d buy wired”, and confirm the return of the user together with their approval to confirm the possible use of the password, and then The transaction occurs.

The biggest problem in everyone’s mind is that Ivans Williams is very close. They are opening their backend to allow applications to be developed on the Twitter platform (I think this is very smart, because people will build useful applications for Twitter users-and everyone will use Twitter more often). But is Evan planning to charge companies that build tight apps? Does Evan want to make money for apps? How does Evan plan to profit from Twitter? I don’t think Evan knows the answer-he just focuses on Build a great application for users.

5 tips for using Twitter in marketing.

5 tips for using Twitter in marketing.

Do you know that more than 60% of people visit Twitter at work? Do you know that most Twitter users are adults aged 35-49? According to statistics, Twitter has become an impressive form of professional marketing.

Companies began to use Twitter consistently in their marketing strategies.
However, some of the most successful companies that use Twitter for marketing usually have 5 things in common for Twitter.
This article will explain 5 similarities that companies can use when using Twitter for marketing.

In short, if you are a newcomer to Twitter, it is basically one of the most popular social network marketing paradise for global companies.
Twitter users can post “tweets” with short messages containing up to 140 characters.

1. Use dialogue to reconcile reality.

Every Twitter user has his own style, but remember that Twitter has a conversational tone. Don’t constantly guide users to your business website, be sure to provide some opinions here and there to keep customers interested. Discussing everything from sports to the most favorite recipes can make your company or any of your promotions more attractive to your customers!

2. Use Twitter to promote product promotion where followers roam.

Occasionally providing customers with promotional products and buying goods from your business may be a good way to do some marketing.
However, the key is to use more content-oriented contributions to release the location. Providing customers with a promotional T-shirt to follow your business on Twitter is a good way to build your loyal customer base.

3. Use promotional products to showcase outstanding customer service on Twitter.

After a gentleman complained about a certain pizza company on Twitter, the same pizza company immediately rushed to contact Mr. Wei to make up for his help. The company knows that it can complain about the Weibo method? The company and other customers have maintained a consistent way of speaking, and carefully studied the public relations system. If someone is unhappy, try to make up for them with promotional gifts.

4. Tweet 2 to 10 times a day.

There is a good balance with Twitter. If you tweet more than 20 times a day, the number of boxes in the customer’s Twitter feed will be flooded. However, if you only tweet once, it may lose the battle. Try to post two to ten microblogs a day. Well, customers know that your Twitter account is alive! In addition, please be sure to check the value content, which is worth reading for customers. If you do this, you will gain the lives of followers.

5. Proficient in “Marketmetweet”

Metweet is one of many business applications that can be used only on Twitter. The company should try to use one of the management programs, because it does everything from Facebook integration to the actual pre-scheduled tweets. You can use this service to automatically publish links to blog posts.

Twitter marketing can be easier with 5 important tips.
If you remember it, your Twitter debut will be a sweet success with your customers!