Do you know that more than 60% of people visit Twitter at work? Do you know that most Twitter users are adults aged 35-49? According to statistics, Twitter has become an impressive form of professional marketing.

Companies began to use Twitter consistently in their marketing strategies.
However, some of the most successful companies that use Twitter for marketing usually have 5 things in common for Twitter.
This article will explain 5 similarities that companies can use when using Twitter for marketing.

In short, if you are a newcomer to Twitter, it is basically one of the most popular social network marketing paradise for global companies.
Twitter users can post “tweets” with short messages containing up to 140 characters.

1. Use dialogue to reconcile reality.

Every Twitter user has his own style, but remember that Twitter has a conversational tone. Don’t constantly guide users to your business website, be sure to provide some opinions here and there to keep customers interested. Discussing everything from sports to the most favorite recipes can make your company or any of your promotions more attractive to your customers!

2. Use Twitter to promote product promotion where followers roam.

Occasionally providing customers with promotional products and buying goods from your business may be a good way to do some marketing.
However, the key is to use more content-oriented contributions to release the location. Providing customers with a promotional T-shirt to follow your business on Twitter is a good way to build your loyal customer base.

3. Use promotional products to showcase outstanding customer service on Twitter.

After a gentleman complained about a certain pizza company on Twitter, the same pizza company immediately rushed to contact Mr. Wei to make up for his help. The company knows that it can complain about the Weibo method? The company and other customers have maintained a consistent way of speaking, and carefully studied the public relations system. If someone is unhappy, try to make up for them with promotional gifts.

4. Tweet 2 to 10 times a day.

There is a good balance with Twitter. If you tweet more than 20 times a day, the number of boxes in the customer’s Twitter feed will be flooded. However, if you only tweet once, it may lose the battle. Try to post two to ten microblogs a day. Well, customers know that your Twitter account is alive! In addition, please be sure to check the value content, which is worth reading for customers. If you do this, you will gain the lives of followers.

5. Proficient in “Marketmetweet”

Metweet is one of many business applications that can be used only on Twitter. The company should try to use one of the management programs, because it does everything from Facebook integration to the actual pre-scheduled tweets. You can use this service to automatically publish links to blog posts.

Twitter marketing can be easier with 5 important tips.
If you remember it, your Twitter debut will be a sweet success with your customers!

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